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Warrentonians have often leveled complaints about there being "nothing to do here" and having to travel into Prince William or further to pursue their interests. I've certainly made such expressions myself. I'm done complaining, though, and ready to take action. I need your help.


I don't have the skills, time or liquidity to start every service, restaurant or entertainment service...what I do have, though, is community equity, a great local network of Fauquier friends and the knowledge that our citizens would rather spend money here, than elsewhere.


Starting small:

I'd like to bring a new businesses to Warrenton, and I'd like to start this experiment with a Jiujitsu school.


The integral part of a new business coming to Warrenton is of course having a business owner/manager/investor interested in opening here. In this particular case, I've already talked with BJJ school owners who are indeed interested in expanding to Warrenton. By collecting names and emails of people who would be interested in taking BJJ, I believe we can compel one of these existing business to expand here by proving to them a new location is viable.


If you're interested in you or your kids trying BJJ, please sign up below and share this with your friends. If this works, perhaps we can expand this effort to even more small businesses that our community would love to have!

If you know anyone who would be interested in having BJJ in Warrenton, direct them to this link: and we’ll start to gather our list! Adults, students, kids, anyone interested. If this works, we can try it again! Perhaps for an Italian Restaurant or an indoor climbing gym?

Why BJJ? Well, after having taken ten classes so far, see my top six reasons to try BJJ below:


  1. Practicing BJJ makes you a formidable foe in the event you’re forced to protect yourself or loved ones, perhaps more so than any other particular discipline as BJJ’s focus is leverage and technique allowing a smaller opponent to control a larger one.

  2.  My 4 year old daughter has taken 5 BJJ classes and in that short amount of time her body awareness has skyrocketed, her willingness to listen to coaching has increased, her confidence with her peers has increased and her respect for others, shown through eye contact and handshakes, is on the rise. 

  3. BJJ is incredible exercise for your mind and well-being. Of course, you’ll condition muscles you never knew you had but BJJ is like playing chess. Chess with more pieces and on a moving board. It’s a very mental endeavor that allows you to always be learning and expanding in a playful way. Like Yoga, there’s no end, only your own practice. It is not a results driven practice, it’s growth and evolution driven process.

  4. Unlike boxing, karate or other striking fighting styles, BJJ allows for sparring at 100% effort. “Rolling”, as sparring in BJJ is known, ends in a peaceful manner known as “tapping out”. After tapping out, the sparring ends, you reset, bump fists with your opponent and roll again. The ability to spar at 100% effort makes for great exercise and prepares someone in need for real life application.

  5. In today’s world of participation trophies and safe spaces, a good dose of grounding and reality is due every now and again. “Rolling” with your friends is a safe way to practice humility and resilience, in both victory and defeat.

  6. The BJJ community is worth being a part of. In my experience the BJJ tribe is filled with people seeking peace and honest self assessment, working to improve themselves and help those on the same journey.

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If you’re interested in having a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu school come to Warrenton please enter your information below:


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