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Locations for film, commercials, and print.

In cooperation with American Location Scout.

Whether you're looking for a place to shoot, or would like your property included in our portfolio as a potentially available Fauquier/Warrenton location, you're in the right place.

*For owners and film makers, we understand the value of your privacy. Please advise us if you'd like your project/property to be kept confidential.


For Film Makers: Ross Real Estate, in coordination with Fauquier County and the Town Of Warrenton, would love an opportunity to provide you with information and possible incentives for shooting in our area. Please contact us with information about your shoot and any questions you may have and we'll work together to provide you an easy visit to our area.


For Local Business and Homeowners: If you would like your home or business to be considered for a film or TV shoot, we'd be pleased to add your property to our portfolio. The more unique, historic, bucolic or peculiar the better.  Please submit here. Please know not all submissions will be answered and not all properties will be included.

History: Born and raised in Fauquier County, having worked on over 30 movie and television sets (Including The West Wing, The Wire, J.Edgar, Die Hard 4, Never Back Down and more) and having over 10 years of real estate brokerage expertise in the area, Tyler Ross hopes to bring more of this exciting industry to Fauquier County, to showcase our home as an amazing tourist destination.

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