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Pull-Ups for The Boys and Girls Clubs of Fauquier!


Streaming LIVE at OTAC Feb 28th at 11am

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Inspired by the likes of David Goggins, Jesse Itzler and other athletes/authors who encourage people to get outside their comfort zone, I've issued myself a challenge: complete as many pull-ups as possible inside of 60 minutes.


To create some motivation and some stakes, I'd like YOUR HELP! As this challenge took shape a light bulb went off...Let's take on donations for The Boys and Girls Clubs of Fauquier for each pull-up completed inside of 60 minutes.

The Goal?  If 100 people or businesses sign up and pledge $1 per pull up, that's $100 per pull-up! Raising Money+Achieving a Goal+Likeliness of Embarrassment = Pressure! Ever heard of performance anxiety? I'm shaking as I type this.


In addition to taking pledges, I'll sweeten the deal! By making a pledge, you'll get a chance to guess how many pull-ups I'll complete and the winner will get a $250 gift certificate to my mom's shop, The Natural Marketplace (Great Food, Groceries, Deli, Etc).(For an out of town Winner, we'll say an Amazon gift card).


This isn't particularly a genius move from a physical perspective, as skin, muscles and joints are all put at risk...but the mind is stronger than the body, right? OTAC Iron and Cole Forsten have advised this isn't the smartest thing to do, but have graciously agreed to host and monitor the attempt. Additionally, Cole will make sure there's no "cheating" on pull-ups.That said, we're not setting any records here, we're raising money, so there may be a little swinging, a little desperate kicking, maybe a few kips, but we'll try to keep them clean pull-ups.


For those who make the pledge and want to make a guess, it's only fair to provide a little bit of info: I'm (ambitiously) 5'11'', about 190lbs and would consider myself a gym rat. The last time I did pull-ups, I did 2 a minute for 30 minutes (with an additional 25lbs belted on) and it was hard...and that shredded my hands (Whatever you do, DO NOT GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH "hand flapper").


All monies will go directly to The Boys and Girls Clubs of Fauquier. You can sign up now below and make your pledge and we'll follow up with the donation link!


It would be amazing if you'd share this post and encourage people to make a pledge...maybe it will reach someone else who will take on a challenge and raise money for one of their favorite non-profits!




Official Pull-Up Rules:


  • 1. Initial position: grasp the bar with both hands, overhand grip. 

  • 2. Raise up your body until your chin surpasses the pull-up bar.

  • 3. Lower your body to the initial position.

  • 4. One Pull-Up Completed

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