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Pamela Jenkins

Pam has lived in the Northern Virginia area her entire life.  Growing up in Falls Church and eventually moving to Warrenton in 2004. 

She started her career in real estate working for a small boutique brokerage, Wolf Run Realty, in Clifton, Virginia in 2003.  There she met so many wonderful clients and was able to learn from one of the most personable brokers in the area.  She learned what it was to make every client feel special by examples of the others in her office.  This early experience has taught her to appreciate the special place that Ross Real Estate now has in her life. 

After moving to the Warrenton area, Pam pursed a career with her husband in the construction industry, and achieved her Master Electrician license.  While also supporting all aspects of building a house from the lot acquisition and then building it from the ground up, she also wires each house to ensure that the product is of good quality and craftsmanship. 

Ross Real Estate was welcoming when I inquired about hanging my license there to list the houses that we built.  Since she knows the entire house from the ground up, who better to market their houses.

In her spare time, she enjoys spending time getting coffee on Main Street and visiting her many friends that are local shop owners and getting to the Farmers Market where you inevitably see people that you know and can visit with.  She refers to Warrenton as “Mayberry”.  The feel is so warm and welcoming.  She also enjoys spending time with her family, working in the flower bed or cutting the grass. 

In the last two years, she has learned to make quilts and tries to have a project going in between builds and moving.  She makes quilts for the elderly community as well as for kids in local hospitals getting ready for surgery.

A few facts that she likes to share is that she has moved about 14 times but isn’t military and has co-built in excess of 20 individual homes for customers where most have become like family. 

She is always willing to share her building and real estate knowledge with anyone that needs help or with agents in her office that might need a place to feel confident in asking questions. 

She loves being part of the Ross Real Estate family and looks forward to the bright future this one-of-a-kind brokerage has to offer clients looking to sell their homes or looking to move to this area.

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