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Properties will be shown at the Seller's discretion. Please contact Ross Real Estate to find out more.

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Warrenton, VA

Available Late July 2024

176 acres | 4 lot subdivision

Listed by: Tyler Ross



Amissville, VA

Available September 2024

17.6 acres | Mature Gardens | Creeks

Listed by: Dawn Arruda



Jeffersonton, VA

Available Late July 2024

11.9 acres | $215,000

Listed by: Wendy Johnson

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What is a Whisper Listing™? 

Preparation before listing a house for sale is a crucial phase in the real estate transaction process, significantly influencing the outcome in terms of seller experience, contract terms and the final sale price. This preparation involves a strategic collaboration between your Ross Real Estate agent and you as the seller and encompasses several facets, including home staging, repairs, pre-marketing, and setting the right listing strategy.

Preparation and Home Presentation

The preparation phase includes home staging, addressing necessary repairs or improvements, and ensuring the home is immaculately clean. A well-presented home typically sells faster, with preferable contract terms and for a higher price.Your Ross Real Estate agent will provide you with a realistic assessment of which improvements or tweaks can deliver the most value for their investment.

Benefits of Whisper Listing ™

1. Building Interest: By pre-marketing the home, your Ross Real Estate agent can gather a pool of potential buyers who are ready to act once the property hits the market. This can significantly reduce the time the property spends on the market.

2. Better Price Negotiations: With heightened interest, the likelihood of receiving multiple offers increases, which can naturally lead to better price terms and less haggling over repairs and concessions.

3. Reduced Stress for the Seller: By smoothing out potential bumps before the house goes public, a strategic Whisper Listing ™ can help reduce the stress typically associated with the selling process. Sellers can adjust their urgency and expectations based on early feedback and enter the market with more confidence.

4. Confidentiality and Control: A Whisper Listing™ allows the seller to maintain more control over who sees their home and when. It can also help in keeping the listing fresh, as the days-on-market counter doesn't start ticking until the home is officially listed.

5. Enhanced Audience: Present markets match current buyers with current sellers. An extended Whisper Listing ™ creates an opportunity to match your house with a future buyer. Making it known via a Whisper Listing ™ that your house will be available to purchase sometime in the future exposes your property to buyers who will be buying sometime in the future.

Whisper Listing ™ Strategies

Pre-marketing a home involves activities intended to generate buzz and interest in the property as you execute these important tasks, before the house is officially listed. This can include announcements on social media, previews to local real estate agents, email blasts to potential buyers, and even hosting exclusive pre-listing events. This strategy can test market waters and inform listing strategies based on the feedback received. It also creates a sense of anticipation and urgency among potential buyers, which can lead to quick offers once the house is listed.

Ross Real Estate has worked tirelessly to build a home buying audience for the benefit of their seller clients. Our Whisper Listing ™ process is a cutting edge industry approach that leverages our audience to provide house sellers with the best service and house exposure, offering flexibility tailored to your preferences and needs.

If you're interested in becoming a Whisper Listing™, please contact us below with your name, phone number and any questions you may have and we'll be in touch!

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