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Getting Your Mind Right (For realtors and everyone else who cares to read)

Mindset is priority number one, which is why this is where we start. Without setting a deliberate intention, we’re apt to wander, lose focus and ultimately find difficulty in maintaining a set course (because there is no course)!

In all the readings, podcasts, videos and tapes centered around professional and personal success, there’s a common vein throughout, and that is “clarity of goals”. Goals come in many forms but generally break down into a matrix of four categories: short term, long term, modest and lofty. There are dozens and dozens of exercises out there that help create and refine each goal, with the most approachable simply being this: write your goals down.

The capacity of our minds in staggering, but like a race car, you can’t just put the gas to the floor, you need to take hold of the steering wheel and exercise a little control. Many of us, especially those who’d consider themselves anxious, have difficulty bridling our thoughts and can be easily overwhelmed and distracted. The simple act of stopping, taking out pen and paper, and being present enough in your thoughts to identify and write down some goals is the first step in gaining clarity in what you want, what you really want.

If you’re so inclined, put this book down now, and find a quiet place, seriously a quiet place...your basement, your bathroom, sitting in your car in the driveway, somewhere distractions are limited, and spend just a few minutes earnestly pondering what your goals are and writing them down. If you’re resisting the idea to write them down, for some reason you are reluctant, then you probably need to do this exercise more than anyone. The goal of this writing is to offer ideas that might inspire a decision that enables improvement in your life, and improvement requires action. Take this one action, if you do nothing else, I promise it’s worth you time. It will clarify your goals which graduates your thoughts from “what do I want” to “how do I achieve what I want”. That is a step in a positive direction for you, your business and your family.