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Did you miss the home selling season?

Fall and spring are without question the hottest times to sell your house, winter and summer being the slowest… so with winter now in full swing, what do you do now? For many of you, I expect your answer is – wait ‘til spring. If you plan to wait until the spring to list your home, now is the time to start preparing. I know what you’re thinking: “Tyler, that’s several months away…you’re getting a little excited.” It’s true, I am excited…a REALTOR® in the winter is like a race horse chomping at the bit, waiting for the gate to open. But here are a few reasons to consider why a spring market is worth preparing for now.

The Stakes

Selling a home is often the biggest financial decision a person or family will make; it’s a decision and process which should be taken seriously. It is better to err on the

side of doing the groundwork early than to let time slip away and be caught unprepared.


REALTORS® are taught to sell “houses” and buy “homes.” Your home is where your heart is, and for many their heart has been in their house for years. Selling and moving a home can be an emotional process. There can be an attachment to your house, your neighborhood, your desired prospective sales price, etc. Prepare now; you and your family will be selling a house, but taking your “home” with you. This will assist with the selling process in spring, making it smoother for everyone.

Preparing your house

Everything takes longer than you think it will; getting your house ready for the market is no exception. From decluttering and staging to completing weekend projects, and even packing to move, it will take longer than you think. If you start now, you can take it one bit at a time.

Picking a broker

Selling a house is a big deal. You’re going to award the privilege of selling your house, potentially your biggest investment, to a local real estate agent who will be in charge of helping you prepare the house, prepare your mind, marketing your property, secure a contract for a maximum price, protect you under the contract, manage the contingencies, interact with vendors and other real estate agents, and more, all on your behalf, and they'll earn a fee for doing so. You must take the time to acquaint yourself with this person and you should be deliberate in your decision making. Start interviewing agents now. You should have trust in their skills and abilities and not feel you have to second guess their recommendations. It should be someone with whom you can establish a positive manner of communication and work with on problem solving.

Maximize your sale price

You’ve acknowledged the stakes and emotions in the decision and can now proceed as analytically and confidently as possible, improving your readiness for showings, negotiations and decision making. You have staged, cleaned and completed projects – your house is looking its best, setting the tone for a maximized asking price in the shortest amount of time.

Whisper Listing ™

I am a huge fan of building momentum up prior to releasing a house on the market. …make no mistake, people listen to others in the industry about your efforts in maintenance and advance upgrades. As “whispers” spread, you get the benefit of months of market priming so when you push the “go button,” you’ve already got a head start on the selling process. Aligning yourself with your intentions by taking action now will position you for a positive and stress-free experience when the time comes to sell your house. Don’t get me wrong, some are easier than others, but by narrowing all the gaps as much as possible you put yourself in a position for success.

As seen published in Piedmont Lifestyle.



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