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Let’s Grow Together, Warrenton and Fauquier

I don’t know about you, but I’m seeing that things are changing faster than ever. Thomas Friedman talks about “accelerating change”, meaning, there’s always been change, but we’re on the handle of the hockey stick…the pace is exponential, the change is occurring faster.

Consider the telephone as a case study. From the late 1800s until the first decade of the new millennium, the phone didn’t really change that much: you picked it up, dialed a number, it rang, someone picked up…donesies. Suddenly in 2007, the iPhone is introduced. How different is what you have now, compared to the original iPhone? In 10 years the iPhone on it’s own stands out as a wild example of accelerating change. Facetime, open source applications, geolocation and more, this much tech wouldn’t have fit in your garage in 1995. It exceeds the tech on the Hubble telescope, and we complain about it costing $1,000!

 The spread of ideas is what helps us as a human race advance as a whole. Collaboration is a foundation of humanity’s growth. Companies like Tesla, who have “open sourced” their patents and technology give the world of electric cars a tremendous gift of advanced ideas to build upon, with an ultimate mission of reducing our dependency on non-renewable energy for the benefit of all people. 

On a different level, Social media has helped drive innovation and change by enabling information to be spread at a rapid pace, for strangers to meet and put their heads together, to draw concepts from across the world, across industries, and make a positive difference.  We’ve recently been inspired by people who have delivered great content on social media with the intent of adding value and being of service to their audiences. With that Ross Real Estate has created and filled the position of “Director of Creatives and Content Delivery” whose job is two fold: 1. Capture content directly from our office in a documentary format, meaning we want to share our daily lives as an office with you...things we’re doing, who we are, sharing the things that inspire us, like quotes or books, experiences, and more.. and 2. Capture and share information about our community I.e. our street interview with Casey Ward, the owner of Molly’s Irish Pub where we learned about not only that day’s lunch special, but also their plans to open a brewery on site or visiting Carter and Spence and learning about their first Friday plans. What an amazing thing! We hope by documenting our lives and sharing information from the community, we can collaborate and do our part to spread information for the benefit of our citizens and our local businesses.

If you would like to be included, we’d love to come see you and snap some pictures of your business or catch and interview with you and expose you to our audience. 


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