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Meet Chris: Building His Business Through Relationships

Spending his entire life in Northern Virginia and graduating from Kettle Run High School in 2011, Ross Real Estate agent Chris Ferrell first got the itch for the business shortly after earning his MBA from Shepherd University. Through a friend who was a managing broker at a different brokerage and encouraged him to get his license, he first started selling homes in 2017.

“A little bit of what got me into it was, I do a decent amount of investing. My buddy and I flipped a condo out in Alexandria the first year I had my license, and that combined with helping other clients got me hooked,” he said in a recent interview.

Specializing in residential deals over commercial or land development, Ferrell is a frequent golfer in his personal life and joined Ross the year after he got his license through playing the game with founder and principal broker Tyler Ross’ father, Tom, at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Club in Gainesville. Preferring Ross’ small-town focus with an emphasis on client care, Ferrell left his corporate brokerage to capitalize on his knowledge of the area and ability to build a rapport with his clients.

“Your connections and relationships are everything. I think the biggest thing in this industry is trust. How you go about gaining the trust from people is just spending time with them. They know you're in the area. They know that they can ask two or three people they know about me and have [good] references,” he said.

Current home inventory remains low, meaning sellers have a greater chance to earn top dollar for their properties, and Ferrell continues to encourage his sellers to do the little things like landscaping and upgrading exterior decor to improve curb appeal. Buyers, on the other hand, “still have to be pretty aggressive just because there's nothing out there,” emphasizing that getting pre-qualified is even more important in this market than before. “What I've been trying to preach is it's not going to crash until I see a bunch of inventory start spiking up. I don’t think you're gonna get screwed over being a buyer right now because it's all relative to what people paid and when,” he said.

Whether it's painting a house with his partners as part of the reselling process or working hands-on to receive multiple offers above ask on a recent listing in Bealeton, Ferrell is the embodiment of the brokerage's small-town feel and boutique approach to get clients on either side of the transaction where they want to go. “We sell people on our authenticity, and we're real people and we know the area,” he said. “We’re from here and have connections here; if you need to get anything done, there's ten different people I can call.

“At the end of the day, you can trust us.”


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