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A licensed real estate agent since 2015, Ross Real Estate’s Pamela Jenkins turned her passion and skill for building homes into a lucrative enterprise with her husband. The Jenkins are designated Class A contractors in Virginia, the highest such level of builders that are able to perform work of any monetary value. Jenkins, also a Master Electrician, and her husband have been building houses and additions since 1994.

“So I'm a very different agent from any of the agents that work for Tyler, because I generally use my license to purchase land. Or a home that we would renovate or land that we would build on and then I use my license to list what we build," she said in a recent interview. With a history of building and listing from Falls Church to Amissville and everywhere in between, Jenkins discovered that her early practices of building a house and having a different agent list it were ineffective, considering that she (naturally) tended to know more about the homes than the other agents and was already helping take deals across the finish line.

“I had to find a broker that I could trust and that had integrity, and I found that in Tyler,” Jenkins said of the brokerage's founder. “So I asked him, if I got my license again, could I hang my license with him? And he said yes.”

As a builder, Jenkins provides a unique set of knowledge to her clients regarding soil, zoning, and other facets of the building process that helps her stand out in an area known for its natural beauty and vast opportunity for custom building and development. And in a market currently defined by low inventory and high interest rates, Jenkins advises potential buyers to take advantage of various resources available to help them become competitive.

“Home inspections, or some kind of feasibility study if it's land” are critical, she said, “but if it’s a hot property, still, those with inventory being so low, you might not have a chance to write something that has contingencies … if you can get in a position when you know you're going to move, try to move in with family or friends or rent if you have that option, to make yourself more attractive to a seller.”

Having been a lifelong Northern Virginia resident, Jenkins' one-of-a-kind background is fitting for Ross Real Estate's small-town appeal with agents that have the kind of experience you can only get from growing up in this area. “We are such a personable family. I would call our agents and our office and Tyler, I consider these people family and I know a lot of them are very close. I tend to stay on the outside just because I'm not so involved in transactions,” she said. “I hope other people could realize the advantage and the integrity in the group of people that work at Ross Real Estate.

“Taking an interest in the person buying or selling is our number-one priority.”


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